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Solene Rauturier

2020 was a lot. COVID-19, as well as other major social movements, such as Black Lives Matter or the Uyghur humanitarian crisis, impacted and changed the way we work, shop, consume media, interact with others or the world in general. Most of the world stayed inside and learned how to make sourdough bread, businesses went online, we spent more time on social media (hands up if you properly discovered TikTok in 2020) and having Zoom meetings with our co-workers or family.

But 2020 is behind us, and even though 2021 looks unpredictable AF, it’s time to look ahead at the…

Sustainability is no longer a buzzword. More and more consumers are asking brands to do better and are interested in reducing their impact on the people and the planet. A 2019 survey by Hotwire even found that “47% of internet users worldwide had ditched products and services from a brand that violated their personal values”. Which is huge.

And the 2020 COVID crisis only accelerated the sustainability movement: more than ever, people want to know where their products come from, how they’re made, in which conditions, and to support their local communities.

And the good news is that brands are…

Created 10 years ago, Instagram is today one of the biggest (and busiest) social media platforms.

With 90% of users following at least one brand, Instagram has become prime real estate: it’s a highly visual platform that can help you grow your community, build a reputation and increase revenue.

But you know that already and if you’ve been looking to do all these things with your Instagram account, you’ve surely heard about engagement rate.

A few months ago likes were a big measure of success on Instagram, up until Instagram started hiding the number of likes for posts. This led…

If you’ve started having a look at digital marketing for your business or even creating your own communication strategy, you’ve surely come across “content calendars”. But what exactly is a content calendar, how can it help your business, and most importantly how can you create your own?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about content calendars. Plus, I’ve got a free and easy-to-use content calendar template for you to download, so you can start producing and promoting content ASAP.

What is a content calendar?

A content calendar (also known as an “editorial calendar”) is a visual schedule and workflow that help…

I used to love reading, and I was a real bookworm when I was little, devouring pages after pages, sometimes until late at night. But that was before I did English Literature back in highschool. Analysing hundreds of lines and researching every little metaphor, alliteration and puns just killed it for me.

Since then, I’ve never quite got my love for books back. I do still enjoy reading a lot, but I don’t ever get into the same “flow” I used to get into when reading. Which is why books have been quietly piling up on my nightstand.

I’ve already…

Since the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh in 2013, which killed thousands of workers, the fashion industry’s interest in sustainable and ethical fashion has grown tremendously.

Every year since then, Fashion Revolution Weeks commemorate the tragedy, and numerous organisations aim to educate consumers on the impacts the fashion industry has on the people and the environment and encourage them to make better fashion choices.

Sustainable fashion is going mainstream, and I think it’s essential to take a look back into our history to understand where the movement stems from.

If you’re starting out on your sustainable…

Nowadays it seems like literally everyone and their neighbour is launching a podcast. It looks like the podcast has replaced the good old Instagram scrolling on your way to work.

For entrepreneurs, podcasts are a great way to both learn and be entertained. From productivity to entrepreneurship and mindfulness, podcasts are a quick and fun way to get your daily dose of knowledge.

Being up to date with what’s going on is especially important when working in fashion, an industry which, we all know, changes very fast.

Even though I don’t commute to work anymore as I work freelance, I…

Working freelance is great. You’re able to work from home or cool little cafes, you are your own boss, you do what you love, no 9-to-5, you set your own hours and your own schedule.

“Wait. My own schedule? I get to figure out how I spend my workday and how I do things? Great, easy peasy! Wait. How do I do that?”

These were my thoughts when I started working freelance. I have always been organised and productive at school, but this was different. No teacher telling me what to do, no bosses or colleagues to help me out…

At the beginning of your sustainable fashion journey, you start to uncover a ton of information and issues, like just a lot of stuff you didn’t know before. You might start watching some documentaries, or TED talks to start fueling your thinking, but then you might feel like you need to dive deeper.

That’s when the good ol’ books come in handy. I know they helped me a lot when I first started learning about ethical and sustainable fashion, and the more the movement is growing, the more books are being written and released into the wild. …

A couple of weeks ago, while I was brainstorming ideas for content, I stumbled upon these “X things before my Xth before” lists. People usually make these in advance and try to complete the list before their next birthday. But mine was coming up real quick, and I didn’t have time to do 24 new things in two short weeks. So instead I chose to reflect on my 23rd year.

Because it’s my birthday today: in no particular order, here are 24 things I did before I turned 24:

1. Lived in Australia for six months

2. Surfed (miserably, but…

Solene Rauturier

Digital Marketer, specialised in sustainable fashion.

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